Lunch time with BFF’s

Today we went to Valente for some lunch, coffee and Chai Latte. We heard that the Chai Latte was amazing there and decided to try it. The opinions were a little bit distributed. This would be the perfect drink for you If you like sweet hot beverages. The chai latte was made with tea, milk and a little chai latte syrup too make it sweet. It was our first time in this cafe and it left a good impression. There are several benches, couches and reading tables where you can sit to read the paper, study, work or just relax and have a cup of coffee. You can also make use of their ipads to access their WIFI during your visit!


My first nail polish!

urbanogcom-blog-shellac-and-gelish-nail-polish-762x366This is my first nail polish that cost too much! It cost almost USD70. I got this as a gift from my last year’s birthday. Finally, I went to salon and use it before the expiration date! I am so thankful to my stepdaughter and stepson that finally I dare to have my nail polish done by professional. I used to clean and polish my nails on my own! So did not have any idea to visit a salon as long as I can do it in my own. But since got FREE so why not!

It turns nice and perfect!

Zara and Mango here we go!

Last month me and my dear friend were in Oslo. We decided to change our malling addiction. We usually just visit the nearest mall here and finally we decided to visit Oslo that time. We arrived a bit late because of the train delay. The first thing we did is to eat, she was having some stomach pain that day too so we decided to stop into a restaurant first before our shopping madness starts.

After eating we started to visit boutique along the streets. Unfortunately we were just able to visit two stores that was in Zara and Mango and in each store I was able to buy one item for each. A shorts in zara and a t-shirts in Mango. Here is the picture of that, I love the combination and the size fits me well.

Here is the evidence!!!

Hot Chilli from Alabama!


Here we go, last two weeks ago got some package box from Alabama. A dear friend of mine sent some of her garden harvest like chilli’s and some pickles. That was awesome and since I still have some chilli’s here, I decided to make some ‘paksiw’ as we called in our own language. A fish with whole pepper, vinegar and some onions. Super love the taste! Thanks so much for my dear friend who always do favor to me.

I took a picture just to show her that I made it! And that I use her chilli’s for making some paksiw!


Christmas List Be Ready!

Yay! We are now approaching the most awaited month of the year which is the Christmas season. Most of us are excited to celebrate the birth of Christ and of course to receive and give gifts to our loved ones and friends around.

Here we go gifts ideas for all:



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It is now time to prepare and check on what to give and to make a Christmas list as earlier as now. Remember that to prepare earlier is the best thing to do to avoid any panic and rush planning and buying. Right? Agree?

Well, it started this week that I already think of Christmas giving. I also think of what to give to myself of course.

Since I am busy enough, checking online is the best way to do while having good time at home.

So then, where should I go online? No other than checking out Lazada’s items. If this is your first time hearing Lazada then I will invite you guys to open and check out items that you love to shop in a very affordable prices and most of all FREE delivery! I cannot stop checking on specially now that my family in Philippines needs new things at home after that shaking day that October 15. Most all of our stuff at home are broken and damage.

So Lazada is to the rescue.

Anyway, Lazada is located in Asia. And known as the biggest shopping mall online. They have mall in Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. If you want to shop now, I have here some list of my fave items that I am checking to have one for me and to the rest of my family this Christmas.

So all you need to do is just to check online with Lazada online shopping site. I am pretty sure you will be glad you did it.

Tell some of you friends around , Lazada has everything from head to toe. So for me, I am pretty sure to buy stuffs from Lazada before Christmas and in the future.

I included some photos here from Lazada itself just to show that I really like their items. So surely you will too… Hurry go check!Happy shopping at Lazada wherever you are.

Looking Good With the Help Of Cosmetics

Not every one of us is blessed with flawless skin that could look good even with minimal amount of lip gloss and face powder. Not all of us possess rosy cheeks and don’t need any ‘blush-ons’ and cheek tints. Whether we like it or not, we rely on cosmetics in order to look good.

Ladies with thin and straight lashes use mascara and lash curler while those with chapped lips use lipstick or lip gloss. Just imagine if these cosmetics don’t exist? Celebrities would definitely look hilarious if they appear on tv without any make-up at all. Though some of them are really beautiful even without it. However, most of the time they use it because as much as possible they should look perfect in the screen.

Cosmetology is a branch of science that is basically about application and study of beauty treatments. Being on the field is definitely not an easy task. There would be a lot of things to consider and one of which are the chemicals to be used and its possible effects in a person’s skin. There would be an easy way of research on what’s new and what’s more effective. Look at those Tarte Cosmetics, this is the right cosmetics to check on for all who really want to look extra ordinary beautiful.

This is the era wherein cosmetologists were able to come up natural ingredients that are gentle enough to touch one’s skin. Harmful chemicals were already omitted from most of the cosmetics these days after a continued research and improvements.

The use of cosmetics has long been practiced since time in memoriam. Our great grand ancestors have been painting their faces, coloring their hairs and moisturizing their skin. This is an evidence that the use of cosmetics is truly part of a person’s life.

In fact, modern cosmetologists are going back to the basic and have been trying to find out natural ingredients for beauty products just like what our ancestors were using during their time. They found out that aside from its effectiveness, these products are the most gentle among any other synthetic ones. If you are really caring for your beauty find the right products for you and I can highly recommend to get full package of information about Tarte Cosmetics. Surely you will be glad you did it.

Time will come that people are already using what the nature has been offering and their natural glow would surely be visible at this time.

Yello To The Rescue!

Let’s face it, there are times that we don’t have any idea what to do with our old appliances, or old LPG tanks, or old mattresses or any other big household wastes that cannot be easily thrown in our garbage dumpsters. When disposing these materials can become a hassle, don’t get hopeless as there is to help you.

Yello is a company that you can rely on when it comes to disposing your wastes that needs to be disposed properly. Remember that some wastes can pose as a health risk. To avoid this risk and to ensure the health and safety of yourself or your family, you better let the professionals deal with them. Yello has professional team that can do the works for you. They have the right equipment and trained individuals that will extend their professional services.

I don’t want to sound so horrific but hazardous wastes should not be dealt without professionalism as it can cause a lot of damage. You will never know if these wastes are poisonous or has some sort of radioactive elements. You don’t need to risk yourself from contracting different illnesses because of these and that is for sure. We have heard enough news about suffering severe burns and other things because of improper handling of wastes.

Anyway, Yello can offer solution to your waste problem whether it is big or small. They are just a click away. Go visit the link above and try their service.


Ufff…. what a vacation, I took one week vacation from work in-order to travel or to have time with family but what now, I am sick :-( . This started last Sunday night, I felt going to the bathroom from time to time.  And today is worst, I felt like having fever. Goodness, what is this! Hope this is not that serious as what I am thinking over. I need complete healing, I need power of good health.

Anyway, hope that everything will be fine. I need some rest and hope for the best!

My very first digital camera!

Three weeks ago I bought my first DSLR camera which is NikonD3100 but my very first digital camera is Sony and I am still using it now.  Been using my Sony digital camera for three years and was satisfied but then when I saw NikonD3100 the dslr one I was convinced to have one.

Just today I tried on my Nikon but seems like I need more lens that can take up to more zooming. I have now until 55mm and that is not enough.  But so far satisfied , I have to learn all techniques first before upgrading into higher lenses.

My home sandalia!


Yes, I use sandals at home or what we can called slippers. I bought these pair last year before winter time. Indeed I use this every day and feels so comfortable and soft. During winter it helps preventing the freezing colder days indoor. Now it looks like flattened or looks big on my feet but it still very good.

What are the colors For 2013

Now that the new year finally started, it just normal for people to dig on what would be best activities in order to reap all the luck that 2013 has to offer. Some would be subscribing horoscope readings, visit fortune tellers and listen to astronomically-based pieces of advice.

For those who are in the fashion industry, they rely mostly on the lucky colors as the bases of their creation. Some designers are religiously following it every year and strongly believe that these things could influence their sales.

For 2013, the lucky colors that these designers can use are those that coincide with the color of the Water element. These are shades of blue and black. It can in the form of accessories like bangles, bags, shoes and all other similar items. You might as well want to change your wallet into blue or black this year. White and metallic colors like gray can also be used.

Mix and Match Basics To Look Glamorous All-Year Round

Looking good is always affected by the outfit that you’re wearing. Don’t confuse it with wearing expensive clothes because it is totally a different story. You don’t have to take fashion short-courses in order to pull off that glamorous outfit.

Everything can be learned and all you have to do is to be observant. Make yourself aware of the colors that don’t look good when combined as well as those that do. Familiarize yourself with the color wheel and choose colors that belong on the same group. If you can master the mix and match basics then it’s a guarantee that you would be wearing an outfit that isn’t going to be eye straining.

You don’t have to buy the entire outfit in one store. Learn to hop from one store to another and compare prices. Sometimes sidewalk boutiques got the widest selections in town. These are also the type of stores wherein you can bargain for prices if you’re going to buy a lot.